NAFCO is a steel subcontracting firm founded in 1963 and specialized in the fabrication and erection of the following :
* Structural steel.
* Sheet metal.
* Architectural steel / Stainless steel.
* Underground and above ground storage tanks.
* Double skin storage tanks.
* Silos.
* Pressure vessels, LPG tanks.
* Erection of boiler structures and power boilers.
* Heat exchangers.
* Stainless steel equipments.
Serving the industry for more than 44 years, NAFCO has developed an   expertise in the erection of :
* Power Plants.
* Cement factories.
* Sugar refineries.
* Oil and gas terminals.
* Chemical and vegetable oil terminals.
NAFCO Steel Engineering operates in two fabrication facilities
(Nahr-El-Mott and Gharzouz)


  1. A) Fabrication Shop :

* A full range of machines for steel construction & sheet metal fabrication.
* A full range of special tools for pipe work.

  1. B) Machine Shop :

More than 1200m² is allocated to the machine tools in NAFCO. All the          major machining functions, turning, boring, milling, drilling and grinding are catered for.

  1. C) Site Equipment :

* 4 (Four) telescopic cranes.
* Trucks & Trailers.
* Various pick-ups and small cranes.
(A list of major workshop machinery attached)